Thursday, August 26, 2010

Apologies to the guys and girls at SKINS, I DNF(ed).

I do need to apologise for not finishing the C400 Gear Trialists Challenge. Although it was not a requirement for trialing the gear, I said yes to Matt (SKINS.UK) as the challenge seemed like a good idea, and fun.

The challenge was to do three stages of the TdF (not quite!) solo and then send the results and Garmin files (which I couldn't do because I don't own one) to SKINS. There was a 15 km time trial, followed by a 120 km mountain stage and a 150 km flat stage. They would then, put all together and announce a winner.

It was happening during the actual Tour, so everybody was busy working on the Tour, watching or riding the Tour 21 stages (
TourDeVelo). For us here, it was in the middle of our road racing season. It made things roll a little slow at all ends.

I got to do my time trial in this closed circuit (
Nundah) and wrote about it here. Perhaps not my best time but I was happy with it and very happy about the C400 cycling gear. After that I had to get straight into race preparation and, unfortunately, could not fit the two other stages into my program.

A couple of days ago, I found the results of the challenge published by another blogger - Velolorunner. Apparently, he received the results from SKINS, I didn't.

Well done, everyone!

Curious, I returned to the SKINS website but didn't find anything until I got to their Twitter site and then a Facebook page with a few photos. But that's about it. So the project has ended.

I hope SKINS got enough publicity and feedback on the C400 Cycling gear. The stuff is cool and I loved it. I am looking forward to trial their recovery gear now!


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