Friday, August 6, 2010

Am I peaking?

A week of mostly easy riding has ended. In fact, it has been like that lately. I dropped the hours and the intensity of the rides leading to a couple of races.

This week, I did one easy ride with friends, a session on the rollers, a short hard ride, another session on the rollers and I am now ready and peaking for the race tomorrow.

Peaking? How do I know?

Well, I can tell I am reaching my peak by the way I feel on the bike. Right now I am feeling pretty good, apart from the old issues with my N&B (let's call them that from now on). Better than that, I am feeling very well in general, healthy, happy and super excited about racing tomorrow.

This race is going to be tough, it always is. Chances are, I am not going to win but that doesn't bother me. What I want this year is to be able to finish with the front group and have lots of fun. That hurt kind of fun...

Now is time to start preparing for the race. You know... bike, clothing, food, drinks, spares... What am I going to eat tonight? Tomorrow morning? I make a list sometimes, still, I take much more than I need, just in case something changes. That is me.

Happy cycling!

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