Sunday, August 22, 2010

One point in a points race... Good for me!

Another week of recovery before I get back to training. I had planned to stay off the bike for the whole of it after the State Championship race but changed my mind when I heard the HPRW Points Race was a fundraiser for the Smiling for Smiddy event.

I sent a few emails out and decided to race and support the fundraising, helping my friend Mick who has been doing a great job organising and riding the Smiling for Smiddy Challenge. So, on Friday evening I was on the rollers for one hour just to give the legs a spin.

Having done one of those races before, I knew how hard it was going to be. Last time I had a go at trying to steal a few points for our team and ended up getting four second places, and no points...

This race was much harder. Somehow, a large number of elite riders turned up and the fact that all the entry and prize money was going to the Smiddy folks didn't make the race less competitive at any time. It was full on from the word go with riders battling for points on every single lap.

Women's action at Nundah

Points races are a sprinter's delight unless someone with super-power shows up and breaks away for ten or more laps to take the win. I am neither. And we weren't racing as a team like last time, we were all there for a good cause and fun (!?!). My goal was to be able to get one or two points, perhaps get a break away going with a couple of others.

Well, I did get away with someone on my wheel for three-quarters of a lap and got my point. I was happy, although I have the feeling the peloton just let us go for the one point.

Week Thirty Three: Recovery
Time:  3 h 50 min
Dist.: 105 km

Nine weeks for Grafton to Inverell, and counting...

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