Sunday, August 1, 2010

Recovery week and a hard, hard time trial...

... but I had the red hot chilli peppers on!

The combination of racing the whole last weekend and then going back to work for very, very early shifts might have taken a bit out me this time. For three days, by the middle of the afternoon I was feeling like I was running at half speed, on an empty tank.

I managed to get the bike fixed by the guys at Fusion by Tuesday and late that afternoon I jumped on the rollers for an hour. To my surprise, the legs felt good, spinning nice and freely but I just couldn't wait to get off and go to sleep.

Skip Wednesday, it was a write off. On Thursday, after a sleep in, I got out for a short, high intensity ride before heading off to work in the afternoon. My time for the Bunya Rd run was pretty good, a sign that I was getting back to normal.

Next morning was a bit of a drag, a joke really. One of those when very little gets done and suddenly I was late for work. A two o'clock start, mind you. The roller session lasted a whole SIX minutes after I had spent more than one hour looking for one nut and attaching the TT bars back on.

Then came Saturday, morning of the Club ITT championship race at Closeburn. Up early, breakfast, racing wheels picked up by Adam, SKINS gear on and I was off for a one hour warm up ride (Yep, along Bunya Rd I went!).

A good crowd had already gathered by the time I got there. Unfortunately, only four riders in my age group showed up. I decided to race for the day's fastest time. Very ambitious of me but what the hell...

That meant going all out and possibly retching at some stage of the race.

As sick as it sounds, that was my idea of pushing hard. And it did happen. The computer was showing 29 minutes something when this acidic taste came up and hit the back of my throat. Done, I just had to keep it up (or keep it down!?!) for another fifteen or so kilometers and, with a tail wind, sprint on the down hill finish.

Around fifty one minutes, twenty five seconds by my calculations. Officially, nobody knows yet...

(4Aug10 - Official results here)

Easy two and a bit hours today. I did stuff around earlier (TT bars off!), got a puncture on the way and didn't make it for coffee in town, where Sandra and friends were waiting. The rest of the morning didn't feel right.

This coming week is final preparation for one of the major races in SE Queensland, The Cunningham Classic.

2008 and 2009 races

Week Thirty: Recovery
Time: 8 h 10 min
Dist.: 224.5 km


Lawrence said...

I love that your recovery week is about the same as a normal training week for me ie ~240km!

Good work on the vomitus time trialus ;-)

AMR said...

Hi Lawrence, thanks. Probably the hardest TT I ever done... just need one of those fancy bikes now.

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