Friday, February 1, 2008

Wednesday Training and Racing

The day started with a light breakfast and coffee with Sandra. I must write something about nutrition one day, it is such an important part of training and racing... Then, a little bit of computer work, answering a couple of e-mails and finally on the road at 9. Just a little late but the traffic happens to be better as most are at work already and the kids have been dropped at school.

I was meant to do 55 km with 3 efforts which were 15 min in E2 with 6 min rest in between. I chose a ondulating road in the North side of town and was lucky not to see many cars. That went really well, I enjoyed the exercises and had some good speed. It was just on my way back that i took a wrong turn, adding a few more Kms to the ride. Finish the morning with 80 Kms in the clock - 2 h 50 min.

After a good lunch and a bit of stretching I decided to have an afternoon nap... It became a 3 hours sleep and I just managed to get out of bed. I wanted to go to the race track and watch Sandra racing in the evening. Well, if I felt good riding there, racing was also a possibility. It always is... so I change my wheels.

The legs felt very heavy on the hilly route to the Nundah track so I decided to race but not to do too much work and try a sprint or two.

There were around thirty riders in B grade. The race started fairly slow with a couple of the young guys doing their little attacks in the first few laps. They were all been unsucessful as one at time they got brought back by the more experienced guys. At about 15 min we got the wistle for the first sprint lap. I was feeling good at the time, had the chance to move up the bunch and get to the wheel of a friend. He could have been a good lead out... But someone decided to jump early and not knowing dragged one of the strong sprinters with him. When we got into the streight, my lead man decided to sit as he thought the two were too far ahead. Well, I was there for the sprints and that is what I did. 53/12 then 11, light cross wind but couldn't catch them.

I crossed the line third, not too far behind those two and with the speed I picked up I decided to keep going. But I didn't last long...
A bunch of guys were glued to my wheel in no time. Cool, time to rest for the finish.

A couple of more attacks, a couple of fast laps with some dangerous moves happening - as in riders changing lines without looking, and off we went for the bell lap. I did think there was a lot of erratic riding in the bunch and had to break as I came out of the last corner to come around a young female rider. No wheels to follow, I chose to take the outside line and see what I could do by myself.

Well, I didn't see it at first but I did hear this horrible noise of bikes hitting the tarmac and bodies flying. That slowed me down for a moment as I didn't want to run into any flying debris... Back to the twelve but too late... crossed fifth again - 61.9 km/h!!!!

Just glad not to be involved in the crash. I rode pass later and saw a couple of guys down in a lot of pain. No good, I thought.
  • Time: 37:30
  • E2: 28:51
  • E3: 05:44
  • Av HR: 157 bpm
  • Max HR: 178 bpm
  • Max Speed: 61.9 km/h

That was my day of Training and Racing, I will have an easy day on Thursday and another training session on Friday. No racing for me on the wekend either.

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