Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunday's Race

The first race of the Sizzling Summer Series and first Open Event for the 2008 Season happened this Sunday in Crestmead. What seemed to be a small event this year was in fact huge. It should've been close to 300 cyclists racing in 12 categories with Masters B reaching the 60 plus number.

I raced in a bunch of 20 Masters A, a good race where most were just watching each other and waiting for the down hill sprint. Very predictable but a very good race. I had a go on the first sprint as I managed to sit on third wheel down the straight but went too early (300 m) and run out of legs before the line, getting overtaken by two guys. With two laps to go, my friend Adam initiated an attack on the back of the course, dragging me up the hill. It was a good move as we crossed the line first getting the last lap sign and bell... shame we didn't get a bigger gap as the bunch swalled us just after.

That move could have worked if we had saved for the last lap... I think. That's when everyone is concentrating on their position and what wheel to follow. Normally, that slows the bunch down. Specially if there is a climb before the final stright.

It was a good test for me as I have just started training for this season and this race is just to see where I am at with my form and in relation to the rest of the Masters A riders. I must say, the group doesn't look as fast as last year...

In another matter, I did get my MaxHR to 193 which makes me feel better as I have been having many doubts on how to set up my HR zones for training.

The other good news was Sandra's fourth place in her race (Womans B/Masters W). She raced really well, looked strong and was just unlucky on the final sprint finishing fourth. The main thing is that she is now confident and can go harder in the next race.

About the race:

Some photos:

Another week of training ahead.

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