Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It has been a few days....

After an Easy ride on Thursday and another hard session on Friday morning, the week ended with a lot of rest. I did go out for the prescribed Easy ride on Saturday morning but it got cut short as I watched Sandra getting involved in a crash while racing. On Sunday, the rain kept me in bed in the morning. It was so relaxing, at one point I did a RestHR count and managed 42 bpm. It was also good to spend a bit of time with sandra, after her crash. Work in the afternoon.
It all equalled to a long rest of the bike!
Monday, I started with a workout. I rode to my new training ground (Nerangba and Burpengary roads) for a Tempo workout. Basically, 4 X 10 min efforts in E2. The ride ended up been 70 km without any problems. It did make me very tired for the rest of the day though... Perhaps, a sign that my fitness level is very low at the moment.
I did a bit of stretching in the evening and that helped. It is amazing how 1/2 hour of easy stretching exercises changes my mood and brings a little burst of energy at the end of the day... Just enough to get me in the kitchen to start cooking dinner.
For the rest of the training week, is pretty much the same with a little longer workouts and some sprints on Saturday as I will be racing an Open Event on Sunday. The event is called the Sizzling Summer Series, a series of 4 races in a large industrial park at Crestmead, south of Brisbane. The organising club does a great job organising the series every year.
This year, I will be racing in Masters A. It will be a step up from last year, a step that concerns me at the moment as I am not very confident with my present form. We will see...
It is time to get on the bike for an easy spin.

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