Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday - day before first open event

The week didn't end very well. First, there was the crazy weather in SE Queensland. I call it "crazy" because we are very spoiled down here. A bit of rain, a bit of wind and we are all hiding in our homes and getting on wind trainers. SE Queensland must have one of the best climates for cycling. The hottest of the summer days will raise the temperature to mid to high 30s and in winter it might get as low as 5 degrees. Yes, 5 above zero... And not for very long as our winter days are usually clear and sunny so at around 9:30 am we are all taking our arm warmers off. Some of us have no idea how it is to leave and ride in Europe or North America...

The other issue was an injury that showed up after the ride on Wednesday. As the muscles cooled down, a painful sensation starting from my butt and travelling all the way to my foot appeared on my left leg. Just what I need and three days before my first Open Event for the season.

No panic, it is just the beginning of the season and this is not an important event for me. Anyhow, I called our massage therapist and got an appointment for the evening. Alex, from Race Elements, is a very knowledgeable guy and is always there when you need some assistance. He must have spent more than 30 min working on my leg.

The result was: injured hamstring sending signals to other muscles to work harder so things wouldn’t get worse. That’s good but what about my calf and my foot, they were hurting! Never mind, off the bike for two days, a bit of a self massage before bed and I am almost good.

Today is Sandra’s birthday and I promised to do what she wanted for the day. She had to do one of her hill TT tests so off we went to Mt Gravatt in the south side. It was a pleasant 20 km ride there and after sending her off I started the 2 km climb myself. Very, very slowly and on the easiest gear. I just wanted to get to do top as riding all the way there and waiting at the bottom would make me feel a bit stupid. It was nice to do the climb at a slow pace, having time to study it and look around as it is a beautiful place.

We did the climb twice and headed back via the city where we wanted to have something to drink and stop by the 2XU Performance Centre. Sandra wanted to find new sunnies and I wanted to get a pair of bibs. I have been wearing the 2XU jerseys for almost a year now and I find them to be the best we have in Australia by a mile. So, time to try the bib…

Yes, tomorrow is the first race of the Sizzling Summer Series,
an annual event organised by the Logan City Cycling Club on Brisbane’s south side.

Last year I raced in the Masters B event and finished the Series in equal third but they managed to put me in fourth after some very doubtful rule … This year I am racing in the Masters A event with a bunch of very experienced riders and some of the strongest in the 34+ age group. I am not sure how I am going to perform as I haven’t been training much but it will tell me where I am in relation to the other guys… I think that is the idea.

Time for some preparation as I am taking Sandra out for dinner and won’t have much time later. Bike, uniform, helmet, shoes, spares, licence, directions, I wish that was all I needed. I normally make a list with everything. Never forgot anything!

More tomorrow!
..., pump, sunnies, gloves,...

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