Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another week is goooone...

It is going so fast. I am just about to finish Week Four of the training program. Tomorrow, I will do 50 or 60 kms with a couple of Sprint Accelerations and Sunday I will race the Sizzling Summer Series, Race 2.
This will be in a shorter course with a different shape. There is no time for recovery after the climb so the sprinters might not have the legs to finish it off. I think it will suit me and I am confident that I can get on the podium this time.
I am also feeling much better on the bike and have noticed that I am getting a little faster. A test at the Nundah circuit this week showed me some improvement on speed and endurance. I completed one lap of the 1.2 km circuit in 1 min 35 sec. Still have some room for improvement but I feel that I can be more competitive soon.
The old issue with my Heart rate hasn't changed during training but I did manage to get to a Max of 193 bpm in the last race. That is a sign that I wasn't too far off with the training zones. Having said that, I will do a Lactate - HR Velocity Testing in the next two weeks. Just to make sure I am getting the most of my training. More on that soon.
OK, time to get some sleep. I will be up in a couple of hours for a ride with Sandra. We will ride to Lakeside to meet a few friends and watch some racing. Shame I can't myself, it is a great club race with lots familiar faces and hard racing... Will save everything for Sunday!!!

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