Monday, September 5, 2011

Still riding. In fact, still training and racing

Back here! But with some difficulty, I need to say. And I don't even have a good reason for this month long hiatus, I just haven't been able to sit down and write. I haven't taken many photographs also, and as they make up a good part of this blog, together with my treasured charts and graphs, I haven't been able to put posts together.

Never mind, this is about training and racing and I shall keep it like that until the BIG change happens but that's also a topic for later, much later. At the moment, it is training as well as I can and getting ready for the last two races of the year, the club road race championship and my first Masters National Championship race.

My training has changed a fair bit, mainly to match the type of courses we usually race on, flat with a flat finish or lumpy with a flat finish. Of course, learning how to train with the power meter has influenced things as well and I can say that lots of improvements have been noted. And I am not even concerned with the extra kilograms I am carrying at the moment... for a change!

Racing has been fun and I had a couple of good results. The club ITT result was one of them but it was a bit of a disappointment, also. I did win my division which was great but somehow was given the incorrect time. Some think it didn't matter because I won but they forget that a time trial is a race against the clock and they don't know I worked really hard to go faster than the previous years...

2009 - 51'22"
2010 - 51'35"
2011 - 52'30" (inaccurate)

Note: The interesting point is club officials accepted that some riders improved their time by almost 2' in two years but I couldn't even match my best on a faster bike...

Well, the hard training payed off elsewhere with a top ten, best ever result, in Warrick. The Cunningham Classic is a tough 96 km race and I have always struggled to hang on in the final kilometers but this year I lined up in good form and finished well. I could even had done better but I didn't see an early break get away. The team had a strong rider in it, trying to bridge across would just mess up his chances because a few strong riders got left behind as well. He finished second.

So, I have done a bit of work in the last seven weeks but it has been fun too with some good rides with Sandra and friends. Last, I have been getting assistance from a chiropractor and from a good massage therapist, that's going well and I believe it is all on track for October.

See you soon and Viva La Vuelta!!

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Anonymous said...

A BIG change....hmmmm. Let me speculate.

1. You are turning 50 years of age.
2. YOu are getting a brand new bike.
3. You are marrying your sweetheart. Of course, no idea if you are already married.....

4. You are moving to Melbourne.

Come one Alberto. Give us some clues.

a2 (Alvin)

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