Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just riding it and the Tour's second week

After waking up to a beautiful Queensland winter morning and doing the father thing that I came here to do, I set myself to do some training on the course of the race I had to cancel last week, the Calliope to Biloela, starting twenty kilometers out of Gladstone.

It was exciting riding on new roads, specially knowing little about them. Well, I knew it was going to be rough (Queensland country roads always are) and I knew there was a 5 km climb somewhere.

I managed to do the 100 km I planned but didn't get to the climb. I got to the 50 km mark without finding one place to refill my bottles and guessed there wasn't going to be one for another 50 km either. Althouh not far from the bottom of the climb, if I pushed on and turned around at the top of the climb, it was going to be 75 or 80 km with one single biddon. After having written about "bonking" not long ago and finding myself a little lonely in this open country I decided to turn around and give the climb a miss, this time.

Training got done, a TSS of 197.2 with an Intensity Factor of 0.795 classed the ride as a good solid ride, what I do need at the moment.

Also, we had the second week of Le Tour. Again, we witnessed some true solid rides.

There was Greipel's powerful bolt to the finish line, a couple of hugs from the guys, the incredible win by Hushovd, the show of toughness by Ten Dam (don't like to say it but why didn't he let the handlebars go?), the well deserved win by the new Belgium star Jelle Venendert and, of course, the coolness of the yellow jersey wearer.

These are just a few moments of this great race. Now, lets hope to see a Contador strike (or shot) in this last week of racing. I don't care who wins the Tour but I am hoping to see one shot being fired in the Alps.

Stage 10

Stage 11

Stage 12

Stage 13

Ten Dam

Stage 14


... and after Stage 15

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