Sunday, July 10, 2011

Team Sky goes green, I go with Sky

I need to be honest. I haven't been a great supporter of mega-media conglomerates, mostly for having grown up under the corrupt and gluttonous influences of Globo, back in Brazil.

OK, that's history I know but I haven't been too fond of the Packers and Murdochs since coming to Australia and learning of how they contest for business themselves. That's me.

It makes it a little awkward to support a Team which is partially owned by one of those organizations. However, Sky has chosen to take the green way and I like to support that.

Sky Rainforest Rescue

In the meantime, and in a bigger picture, Australia is going through a fundamental "greening" process with the government announcing the long waited carbon pollution reduction scheme policy today.

It seems like we are all taking a greener path. That's great and it is likely to benefit all cyclists in the process.

Safe riding!

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