Friday, July 15, 2011

Cycling hint #5: to get faster, practice Yoga

The practise of Iyengar Yoga kind of changed my life. At the time it took me back to surfing, a subsequent move back to living near the ocean and a healthier life on the whole.

That was a while back. In more recent years, and on an on-and-off fashion, I have used yoga to increase flexibility, alleviating hamstrings, hips, gluteus and lower back tightness. Not only that, as the practise of some types of yoga helps to enhance core strength and aid muscle development with a precise approach to body alignment through the practice of astanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing).

A few of the postures that can greatly benefit cyclists are the Reclining Pigeon Pose; the Bridge Pose; Cobbler's Pose; Head-to-Knee Forward Bend and the Warrior II.

Benefits for cyclists:
  • Improves range of motion to ride low on drops
  • Increases mobility through the pedal stroke
  • Boosts strength and stability on the bike
  • Enhances flexibility, increasing comfort on aero position
  • Boosts concentration by focusing and controlling the mind

I recommend checking a few yoga schools before committing to one, but generally yoga teaching in Australia is very good and teachers are often aware of cyclist's physical needs.

Have a good weekend!

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