Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Smashed... but ready to go again.

Perhaps it was a bit of mismanagement from my part but I felt I should keep going with the training even if I was tired and saw some numbers going down. Isn't it about stressing the body?

And how tired?

I opened the WKO files looking for a clearer picture on my present state. The Performance Management Chart, and in particular the TSB (form) and ATL (fatigue), and the figures for the season gave me the view on how it all happened.

The chart shows the main races this season and my fatigue level at the time. The Tour de Tablelands and Cunningham Classic were my "A" events and that's where I had my best results, having trained and tapered to arrive at the start line in good form and rested. The other events were just part of my training plan.

It also tells why I felt sloppy on the bike and didn't reach my goal on the club ITT (I think). Again, starting the club road race championship with the highest ATL so far, made it for a hard day on the bike. Add a Sunday Zupps ride when my ATL reached 111.3, another week of training, some World Championship viewing and a crit, this Sunday came and I felt... SMASHED!

But it is all good, with my next "A" event in mind, and happening in 11 days, I decided not to get on the bike on Sunday and made it two days off the bike seeking for a full recovery.

A short session on the rollers next and it is all going to get good again.

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