Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coincidence, that's all

The training program showed 1:00h/30km (L/H), which made Sandra suggest that I got on the rollers. The H was for high intensity, hard to do on the rollers and the weather was fine. I decided to get on the road.

So, a quick ride to Clear Mountain, where high intensity can be easily reached (even if you don't mean to) and a ride back on the lumpy Bunya road was again the plan. How many times have I done this loop?

I love it everytime. It is such a beautiful area once we get off the main roads and plunge into the picturesque setting of Australian bush... and so close to home. We are so lucky!

And it was good but there was a chance the bridge on Bunya road could've been damaged, or underwater with all the rain we had in the last two weeks. Or would that be three weeks of rain? However, I felt inclined to have a close look and to a degree, make sure it was alright.



The wooden bridge was fine, battered but still holding its composure in a weather-beaten environment. I was relieved and content.

From there, there are a couple of more efforts if I feel like, even the Mailman's track if I am really keen, or just a quiet ride for another 20 or 30 minutes before getting back on the busy roads again.

I did half-efforts and used the time to think about my training for Grafton to Inverell. I thought about last year's training and how it all ended up. And I try to guess how it will be this year, not knowing if I will even be able to handle it at all.

These days, when coming back from the Clear Mountain/Bunya Road ride, I have a choice of how to get home. Admittedly, in the last twelve months I have been avoiding Rode road, where I had my accident. Most of the time, I have been taking a longer (no harm there), less stressful route home.

Today, like always, I had the debate in my head but chose the old route without any logical rationale, I just went. And with no more rationalization than that, today I decided to stop and photograph the intersection where I got hit.

Perhaps, I should stop carrying my camera in my back pocket.

But there I was, photographing and trying to visualize how it happened and trying to figure out how and where I landed. What part of the road was I laying on? It was all so quick and somehow so long ago, about a year.

Why did I stop there anyway?

I was trying to work that out as I rode home when something came to my mind - what is today's date. Is it the 14th? I had to check when I got home. It is the 14th and I checked when I had the accident. It happened on the 14th of October, one year ago.

Exactly! Coincidently!




bikesgonewild said...

...glad ya made it, 'berto & your recent ride sounds like one of those "coincidences"...

...too many of those in life to not believe in some kinda 'greater spirit', huh ???... best to you...

bikesgonewild said... know what's funny & kinda dumb on my part but when i commented, i had read the post, clicked on all the fotos & i can honestly say, i hadn't read the title...

...must a been a case of, oh, what's the word i'm looking for ???...oh ya, dumb luck !!!...

AMR said...

Precisely, and one must often say "Thanks!" to this possible
'greater spirit' who keeps us on our feet, or wheels, most of times. I certainly look around and think: if there is one, it is doing a good job looking after me.

Groover said...


greater spirit?

Maybe not!? Our minds are amazing...

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