Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Le Tour 2011

That's how they do it...

The Pro season has just, and I mean just ended and Christian Prudhomme is out promoting a better TdF for next July -

So, he talks of "aggressive, have-a-go heroes" stages and made changes for a more entertaining race. That equals, and very fortunately for us, to a couple of exciting old mountains and a decisive race finish on Alpe d"Huez...

Will Carlos be there to repeat his great win on 2008 - Embrum-L'Alpe d'Huez?

I hope so. Check the video and start planning your holidays, that's what I can say!

On a closer to home note, Tomalaris, of SBS, will be covering Grafton to Inverell race (Div 1, I guess) this year with moto-cams and a helicopter. Great for the race, great for cycling in this country!


Groover said...

Funny you should mention Carlos Sastre as I just found this on Guy's blog le grimpeur:

We now have all of the Tour winners going back to 1996 having been suspended for doping (not necessarily for the Tour they won), under suspicion of doping, under investigation for doping, or having tested positive for doping – with the exception of Carlos Sastre in 2008.

I thought you might like this little piece of trivia. I did!

JC said...

Nice blog! I hope Alberto will ride in 2011.

AMR said...

Hi Groover, that's amazing stats. No wonder we liked him best...

Thanks JC! One of the Albertos should be there!!


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