Monday, October 11, 2010

Postcards from Phuket (Part 2)

Training Camp

Our time in Phuket was partly a holiday and partly a Training Camp, or was it the other way around? I needed to get a bit more intensity into my training for Grafton and thought the heat and hilly terrain would help with that. Sandra was also keen to get a few rides in after some time off the bike.

Add the excitment of riding on an exotic territory, lots of time to relax, fantastic food and massages, the trip to Phuket sounded perfect. We did imagine a few short, steep climbs by looking at a couple of maps before we left, but nothing like we actually encountered on this small island. We also didn't imagine to find so kind and friendly road users, we did, lots of them! And someone reminded me afterwards: "it is part of the culture".

The following are illustrations of our rides. They were leisure rides and training rides with a bit of a sting, or spice, in the legs now and then. I hope they tell a story of how crazily good it was riding in Phuket. I can't wait to go back, some day.

Day One: Kata Noi Beach - Sai Yuan Village - Nai Harn Beach

Time: 1h 46min
Dist: 31 km
Asce: 620 m

Day Two: Patong - Paradise Beach

Time: 2 h 21 min
Dist: 37 km
Asce: 715 m

Day Three (1): Big Buddah - Chalong - Sai Yuan Village

Time:1 h 39 min
Dist: 42 km
Asce: 695 m

Day Three (2): Phromthep Cape - Nawai Beach - Say Yuan Village

Time: 1 h 13 min
Dist: 26 km
Asce: 575

Day Four: Patong - Bang Tao and Naithon Beach

Time: 3 h 30 min
Dist: 90 km
Asce: 1140 m

Day Five: Patong - Naithon Beach - Nai Yang Road - Thalang - Kathu

Time: 4 h 30 min
Dist: 95 km
Asce: 1035 m

Day Seven:  Chalong - Nawai Beach - Cape Phromthep

Time: 1 h 05 min
Dist: 24 km
Asce: 450 m

Day Eight: Patong - Kathu Village - Bang Wad Dam - Vichit Village - Chalong

Time: 2 h 40 min
Dist: 45 km
Asce: 530 m

Day Nine: Chalong - Big Buddha - Sai Yuan Village

Time: 1 h 31 min
Dist: 32 km
Asce: 675 m

Total Time: 20 h 15 min
Total Dist: 423 km
Total Asc: 6435 m

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