Thursday, September 9, 2010

Celebrating my 50th with a 200 km ride and else...

The celebration started the night before. People like me, born on one side of the world and living in the other, have the capability of celebrating birthdays twice. I was lucky to celebrate my 50th (What? How did I get here?) on Tuesday evening by being taken to one of my favourite restaurants by Sandra, the Taj Mahal, and having a delicious meal.

A little unlucky for having had one of the worse neck pains I have had since my accident eleven months ago. Only a second Kingfisher helped as a sedative and the evening turned out lovely. That was my birthday, local time.

In real time, or Rio time, and based on Greenwich's Time Zones, I celebrated my 50th with a 200 kilometers ride with friends. Very lucky again, as that was on a weekday. How many people get to do that on their birthdays?

Saying it was a great ride would be in fact an understatement. The weather was perfect, and I mean perfect. The company was terrific and the country we road through was just spectacular.

Making it short this time, it looks like the Grafton to Inverell preparation has started, once again with Brian (EM) like last year. A good start!


Brian Ferris said...

"Happy birthday Alberto - Maria Ferris and Bryan says thanks for last week's ride and looking forward to Wednesday's ride."

Dee said...

Happy Birthday! I wish I could turn 50 again :p

What a great looking ride. I have never visited the Glasshouse Mountains, it has just gone high on the bucket list!

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