Monday, September 6, 2010

It rained cats and dogs (and I need another bike)!

I love the old English expression, it makes me laugh.

If the phenomenon was ever going to happen, Sunday would have been the day. It poured down as we were getting ready for our race. At one point, I thought the organisers would pull the pin or perhaps make rear lights compulsory for the race. They didn't and they run a fine, welcoming event under some terrible weather conditions. So a big thank you to all!

Also, a especial Thank You! to Jack and John (on crutches and smiling as always), HPRW commissaries who came out to help in the event. Without them, HPRW members would have not been allowed to race (another rule).

My race was good. I could have been more time efficient and got a good warm up but I don't know how much better I would have gone. I was very pumped for the event, a little too confident perhaps and thought 15 minutes would've done the job - most of the time riders wait on the line for a long time and get cold.

No waiting this time, when I got to the start my minute man was getting held by the starter. That got my heart pumping a bit faster. Good, I thought! Behind me, the guy who won the championship's road race. In my head, the thought that if I could beat him I would have a podium finish.

- Ride strong! I heard.

My run was somehow conservative, I didn't want to cramp or blow up on the way back and I couldn't read the wind very well. That might have led to two or three gear changes too many. I also chose not to wear glasses and struggled with the rain in my eyes for a while.

Not a clean run and apart from a couple of funny taste in my throat moments I didn't leave everything on the course as I was told to do. But I felt good about my run and I did sprint and passed the line - more like in slow motion - guessing a 26' plus. I then turned around and tried to spot my chaser, counting the seconds. I guessed around sixty.

It was the usual long wait but my name was called through the PA indicating that I had won a place on the podium or I had done something wrong... I ended up receiving the bronze medal, a really great result I feel. And my chaser? He was .32 of a second slower.

Next year I will have a TT bike...

... and will race like Anna!

Queensland Road Championship - ITT Results

Week Thirty Five: Race
Time: 6 h 10 min
Dist.: 166.5 Km


Dee said...

It was those baggy pants for sure, slowing you down! : P just kidding.

Aren't you lucky to have a partner who 'gets' needing the new bike. Happy shopping, and gold next year!

AMR said...

Hi Dee, that was the perfect outfit for riding the fixie... Nice one, but she is taking me on a training camp instead!!

adam said...

Good riding Alberto. It sure raining cats and dogs that day. I went outside and stepped in a poodle! :)

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