Saturday, September 18, 2010

Looking for mountain finishes

I just had a look at the profile for tonight's 20th stage of the Vuelta. It's another mountain finish, the Bola del Mundo, noted as "Very hard" by Contador, who trained in the region for his TdF title defence this year.

The possibility of watching the last 50 km or so on TV will certainly keep me awake when I should be asleep and resting for an early start at work on Sunday.

Nowadays, and thanks to SBS TV, we get to watch finishes of this kind but it's amazingly rare to have one ourselves, in SE Queensland. I don't know why, but with so many accessible climbs in the region this year we had one race with a hill top finish.

But that's another story. Tonight, I wish to see Carlos Sastre conquering the Bola del Mundo, although the youngsters, like Schleck and Mosquera, might steal the show. What ever the result, it is going to be terrific.

Stay up and dream, I will!

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