Monday, September 13, 2010

Training for Grafton and the Vuelta...

In less than six weeks, we will be at the start of the 2010 Grafton to Inverell race, my second start.

Last year's race was more like an experiment because it was my first one, I wanted to finish it. It turned out that I got the KOM at the Gilbraltar Range climb and finished with the leading bunch. This year is going to be different and tougher, I think. But that's the beauty of bike racing.

I am starting to get into gear with my training, perhaps a little late but not too different from my training last year. I ended up back at Dayboro this Sunday for a couple of Mt Mee repeats (I wasn't the only one either..).

The weather was perfect, the repeats... well, hard but fun.

Ocean View climb, 7.5 km at 4.8%

- 22'13", 20.5 km/h, AvHR 151
- 21'25"; 20.9 km/h; AvHR 150
- 25'10"; 18.0 km/h; AvHR 138


After the training and after work, watching a stage of the Vuelta was very inspirational. I can watch a solo win on mountain stage like this one again and again...

Week Thirty Six: Build
Time: 17 h 15 min
Dist: 475 km

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