Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mend it like Beckham...

"All right, I will be flying to Finland tomorrow to see a specialist, Dr Sakari Orava, who will decide on what steps I might have to take for a swift and full recovery." D. Beckham

Well, I kind of had the same type of initial treatment as I applied ice to the injured area as soon as possible, which replicated the temperature I would have encountered in Finland this time of the year, or any time of the year.

The result wasn't what I hoped for as the knee didn't feel any better the next morning. Later in the afternoon, I made the trip, but to Ferny Hills where my GP (his first innitial S doesn't stand for Sakari either) carefully examined the injured knee and decided to send me to a physiotherapist for the initial management of the injury.

So, here I am. Leg up, once again unable to walk around properly or get on the bike. I will have the session with the physio early this afternoon and will then have a better idea on what sort of recovery time I should be facing this time around.

Racing? I hope to be racing much sooner than the four months that Mr Beckham might have to wait for his return to the game...

Lucky me! Enjoy the music!!!


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