Thursday, January 10, 2008

Under Construction (2)

OK, you could all say that I am not taking the blog seriously. But I am. Since the last post, I have worked on the layout and have hopefully made it a little friendlier to all (Is anyone going to read this? Ever?)

Training has been going well, if I can call this week's rides training. I decided to make this my Prep week. Basically having fun before the "real training" starts. By that, I mean the structured training plan that I am hoping to get from the club coach soon. I might elaborate on that a little later.

As this is all about Training & racing, I might even race this weekend as it will be the first for the club this year and it would be nice to support it. I think it will be good as I believe racing will be off the training plan for a few weeks after this weekend.

This Saturday's race is at an old motorcycle track called Lakeside, on the North side of Brisbane. It has been closed for a while so the HPRW cycling club took over the premises and have been hosting cycling races there for a while. Here is the web-site of the club if you feel like having a quick look: . It is my favourite racing venue by the way. I had some good wins and my worse crash at that place also.

Back to this week, yesterday I joined a group to ride up Mt Nebo Road. It is a great 15 km climb to this little sleepy village on top of Mt Nebo. One of the best things about it, is its location as the climb starts just a few miles from the city centre. It is a 25 min ride from my place to the bottom of the climb, an almost perfect warm up before the start of the ascent.

Because of the busy racing program last year, the over-training symptoms I suffered also last year and the five weeks holiday overseas, this was my first ride to Nebo in six months. And I felt it!! The guys in the group are of all sorts of climbing abilities so you can be sure that you will be dropping someone and that you will be also dropped by someone else. It is not a race but we all keep attacking each other and re-grouping again and again. That and the type of terrain makes it a perfect course for an interval session. Also, a good place for a chat and a few jokes.

From the top, it is a race down hill and to town somewhere for a coffee and more chatting before heading to work. I will paste a few stats (promise to find a better way of doing this!) so you can have an idea of my efforts.

Time for a little afternoon ride, a very easy 2:00 h ride.


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(Is anyone going to read this? Ever?)

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