Saturday, May 28, 2011

Alberto's Panache

"Veteran climber Paolo Tiralongo (Astana) took the first victory of his 12-year career as he came in just ahead of race leader Alberto Contador at the summit of the third-category climb into Macugnaga. The Italian had made his move with 6km remaining of the long drag to the finish, only to be caught by the race leader with just 400m to the line. But, after a few words were exchanged between the pair, Contador took over the pace-making and led his former domestique at Astana towards the finish, where Tiralongo came through to take what is a long-overdue success."

"With 1500m left, Contador made his initial move, to which his rivals Nibali, Scarponi and John Gadret all responded. Gadret launched an attack of his own, but could not find an answer when Contador went again and swept past with almost ridiculous ease. First Dupont was caught and dropped, then Rodriguez. Just as he had done in the Nevegal time trial on Tuesday, Contador clearly demonstrated the gap between him and the rest as he flew up the closing part of the climb to reach Tiralongo’s wheel."

"There was no question that he could have gone on to win, but there was little to be gained by doing so. Instead, like a true patron distributing favours, he allowed Tiralongo his moment."

Lots of Panache, I just hope everyone is clean!

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