Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hours and kilometers have less importance... and another Zupps Ride

It is a bit of a relief to read that on Joel Friel's blog because my hours and kilometers last week (a Build week) were down by 4.5 h and 85 km.

As a matter of fact, looking at those two figures, I could've come up with one ride, or two, with an average speed below 19 km/h to make it up but unless those rides were strictly going up-hill, they wouldn't have done much for my training anyway. As far as I know, I need to work with higher intensity, race like workouts, in this phase.

The figures I am looking at after a few weeks of training are the ones under Recent Weeks (chart below). They show me data on my TSS, my Kj figures, and peak wattage for different time frames (check here for explanations on those). As well as duration and distance, we all like looking at those.

The chart shows a Recovery week after Baw Baw, two weeks of Build, another Recovery week and the first week of another two-week Build phase. The numbers might not tell I am going to win my next race but they are high when I had to do the work and they are low when I did have to recover. That's what I want.

It looks like I am going in the right direction on my preparation for the Tour de Tablelands, an event that Sandra and I, for many reasons, always love doing (2008 Tour).

The other numbers, Peak watts, are another story. I can't tell everything!!

Another Zupps

The thought of joining Brisbane's premier bunch ride came to mind as I had to finish last week with a long, medium intensity ride. I could just do some work until the point where things get a bit crazy and then let the bunch go. Perfectly planed if the bunch behaved as it has been behaving in the last couple of years.

It didn't. A smaller number than usually made for a better traffic-behaved (actually stopping on red lights) peloton and although not much slower it felt safer to push a bit harder and try to stay with them.

The picture below illustrates the actual ride, Zupps-Hornibrook Bridge-Sandgate, and the work I had to do to stay with the leading bunch and finish behind the sprinters. It also shows the pace picking up after the 50' mark.

I must say, a lot of the local top riders weren't there because of an open event being held in the country over the weekend. Possibly an easier ride but does that say something about the good behaviour of the bunch this Sunday?

I hope not.

Zupps ride, three years ago

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