Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tour de Tablelands - just a few lines...

Another Tour under our belt but firstly, I have to say that I won't go into too much race details as I don't have any stats. Somehow, my computer decided to clear itself after the last race and I didn't have anything logged.
Road up the Gillies Range, North Queensland

The Team

The racing was a bit harder this year with the inclusion of a few of teams. Their inclusion in B Grade changed the dynamics of the race and affected the results at the end as individual riders didn't form any alliances to compete against them.

Cool morning in Yungaburra (300+m)

My racing was pretty good and I felt better as the days went pass. Unfortunately, I got carried away with my good form, specially in the last two races (the crit and the 90 km road race), and did a bit too much work at the wrong time. At the end, I didn't have a lot left for the bunch finishes. My overall placing: 6th.

Most technical Crit circuit in Queensland

I (and fool, me!) still don't know how people show up for a race, sit in for 90 kms, push their way to the front with 1 km to go and still don't get top 10 in the sprint... The way I see it, these riders will never get any stronger and or faster.

For the Tour in Yangaburra, we stayed with our friends Mick, Cecily, Bruce and Shane. We had the same house as in the previous year and we were looked after amazingly well by Cecily who did the shopping, prepared meals and looked after us for the three days. A big thank you from the team.

Fun machines!

Anyway, there are good reports on the D Grade races on Sandra's Blog and here are the results of B Grade:

Nevertheless, it was a great weekend. We met Tim, Ella and their baby Max, we had dinner with Tracy and Bob, we met Dee and Kevin, we had a pizza at Donini's and snacks from Bethoven's. Still, we needed a whole week to be able to catch up with everyone.

With Max

Back in Cairns, we had time for a ride to Baron Falls, which used to be one of our regular rides. The photo bellow tells why.


Whitey said...

Busy busy time up there it seems! That last photo of you and Sandra is a beauty! All the bikes outside the house look great!

Anonymous said...

Meus filho e Sandra , acompanhando sempre vs, o que gostei mais foi desta foto com a cachoeira ao fundo.
Beijos sua mãe

Chris said...

Solid performances. Great job.

AMRcyclist said...

We will get you ready for next year.
O lugar e muito bonito, teremos que te levar a Cairns na sua proxima visita
Thanks, they were great races. Time to work on my tactics...

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