Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sleep in if not feeling 100% / Giro d'Italia

Having felt less than 100% for the last three to four days, seconded by a Rest HR about 5 beats above the usual 43-45 , I decided that I would be better off staying in bed for the last two mornings. I must add, they have been fairly cold mornings also.

Believe me, it is not an easy thing to do. As you lie there trying to find excuses not to get up, thoughts of missing out on training, friend's company, the ride that makes you feel 110% for the rest of the day, the well deserved coffee after the ride and those extra kms you could be putting in your legs go through your mind like a curse. You really have to be strong, listen to your body's messages and stay in bed.Ha!

So, I missed a session. I just hope that it will pay off and tomorrow I wake up feeling better. Still, I might do an hour on the trainer tonight just to give the legs a bit of a spin and the body a little sweat.

Planned for tomorrow is a drive to the Sunshine Coast where I will do a couple of hours on the bike. The plan is to cruise around the country side for an hour or so and then do the climb to Montville a couple of times. Nothing too hard.

The climb is Stage 2 of the Sunshine Coast Tour, in just under three weeks time. I did win the stage last year, while racing Masters B, and have a great desire to repeat it this year in Masters A field

On Friday, I will do the River Loop & Raisin Toast Ride, a nice and easy ride with friends. Perhaps a couple of sprints to get the legs prepared for the busy weekend of racing.

The Giro

I need to mention Salvodeli's ride on the ITT . The guy finished fifth place (+44") after a bike change with 300 m to go.

And the Italians are still dominating...

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Whitey said...

Bugger you couldn't do your ITT this morning. I was going to aim to beat your average speed! :-)

I'd love to come with you tomorrow for the ride up at Montville, but the curse of uni has yet again raised it's ugly head. Have fun!

See you on Friday!

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