Friday, July 23, 2010

Like Red Hot Chilli Peppers

We are off for some terrific racing and a beautiful weekend. Sandra has organised the camper and the camping ground by a lake somewhere in the Scenic Rim.

Racing this time might be a little different and I might even be racing with the engines running close to 90%, unlike
The Battle when I felt heavy and slow on the hills.

And talking Battle, I still think my time (and everyone else's after me) was wrong by about 30 seconds, due to a mistake by the time keeper. It wouldn't have helped me one bit on the final results but it's mentally taxing when you put a lot into a race and find yourself way down on the result list.

Never mind, it is time to go all out again and to prove myself right and place in the top 5 by the end of tomorrow's 14.5 km race against the clock. That is what I think I can do.

My preparation has been good and the course suits me. It will be a matter of having a good day on the bike. The other races? I will think about them tomorrow.

I just want to race this weekend as if I had red hot chilli peppers in my legs... once again.


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