Monday, July 19, 2010


Some days are better than others.

What ever it is that I have left from my
awkward landing nine months ago, does like to manifest itself from time to time. Most of the times, I choose just to ignore it because I know it is not going to go away soon. But sometimes, this manifestation takes me to a point of... Imbalance.

No, it doesn't hurt as much as the pain we like to inflict upon ourselves when playing the games we play, like pushing on the climbs we like to climb. This is different, it is deeper, even though it has no obvious reasons to be there, it is there. Some times for tiring hours.

When it is like that and it is cold, it leads to a weakening of the surrounding framework. Neck and back muscles give in and hurt, that lactic acid type of hurt. It burns... I then know, it is going to be a not so good day. I need to rest. A shame, because the legs feel good and I could put a bit more work in.

However, I am all set for the Scenic Rim. The last seven weeks were great. With great rides and lots of fun, I have managed to do what I planned and now I can only hope that it will all come together comes the race.

Sandra and I will be driving down on Friday and will camp somewhere nice for the weekend. Really looking forward to that!

And to to finish on a good note, a beautiful little song by Diesel.

Week Twenty-eight: Recovery
Time: 9 hours
Dist.: 266 km

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