Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Tour and I...

8:45 PM
I am already in bed, falling asleep. No riding but a busy day. Back to work in the morning, after days off.

11:38 PM
I am awake, might as well get up to check what is happening in France.

11:50 PM
In France, 52 Km to go, Hushovd gets the sprint and points.

00:56 AM
Vino attacks his gruppetto on the climb.

00:59 PM
Rodriguez attacks the group with Schleck and Contador.

01:00 AM
Contador jumps after Rodriguez and drops Schleck and everybody else.

01:02 AM
Contador reaches Vino, Rodriguez on his wheel. The two keep going. Vino can't follow.

01:04 AM
Rodriguez outsprints Contador, who gains ten seconds on Schleck. Not enough to make the Kazakhs happy!!

01:10 AM
An early finish! I head to bed, will be getting up at 3:45 AM!!

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