Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day seven, wishing to be on my bike

This is the first time I have been hit by a vehicle and, so far I only have had minor car crashes as a driver or passenger. I can add to the list a few crashes on bikes; many, many wipe outs during my surfing life and last year's altercation with the van, when I was the one who hit it, putting it in a different category.

Been hit by a car is proving to be a new thing all together. Although, it was a low speed collision, and I only suffered a few injuries, my body seems to be reacting very slowly. Today is day seven and it is still aching as if the incident had happened last night.

My right thigh took the blow that sent me in the air. Luckily it wasn't snapped but it is constantly reminding me that something did happen to it. If I sit for too long, it aches as I get up and if I stand for too long, or just have it stretched in bed for a while, the ache returns as I try to bend it. The incident must have caused some damage to my nervous cells!

Moving to the next part, I have been wearing the neck brace, or cervical collar, for 99% of the time. That's not what the doctor told me to do, I am just too scared to take it off as I go to bed. I am a light sleeper and do move a fair bit during the night, the last thing I want is to make the fractures worst, doesn't matter how small they might be.

That brings me to sleep, or lack of sleep. Three continuous hours is a bonus at the moment and I have probably averaged 5 hours/day in the last week (Is it time to bring some graphs back?). The disturbed sleep is caused by wearing the brace, the intriguing leg and the fractured rib, mainly. Trying to find a position to accommodate the three is literately a work out. In fact, what I've been doing is compromising and sleeping with a bit of pain in one spot until I can't handle anymore and have to move. I then, try to sleep with a bit of pain elsewhere for a while. Hilarious to think how we can negotiate with our injured body parts...

Apart from a sore neck and shoulder, and that's from the rough landing I guess, the fractured C5 doesn't manifest itself. I wouldn't even know that there were fractures if I wasn't told so and of course, not made wear something that makes me walk around like Herman Munster.

So, it is all moving along on the physical part. The mind? Ah well, this bit goes through some not so pleasant moments but for most of the time I am staying positive and I keep telling myself that everything will be sorted and I will even be able to get on the bike and do some of the local climbs without any physical impediments.

Now, I can't forget to mention my beautiful partner, Sandra. She has been the force behind it all. She is a passionate cyclist herself but has chosen to put all her energy into what's happening to us, even putting aside her bike, her goals and her own battles. That is priceless to me!!

When I look at my bike sitting on the other side of the room, hopelessly, I tell it:

- Hey, get better! I want to go for a ride with Sandra!

Smiling all day!


Whitey said...

enjoying your posts! shame it isn't under different circumstances.

Colin said...

Alberto, you have just written my story from a few weeks ago. When improvement does start, my experience was that it tends to be rapid. But until then.

AMR said...

Thanks Whitey! Will probably get into "Shopping for a new bike" soon as the R3 might have to be retired. Funny, its last ride was on the top of a Fire truck... Well deserved I think. Cheers!

Very true, Colin. I guess this is a first and I should just be a bit more patient. Again, your recovery might be considered a little extraordinary... I hope I go on the same path.

Will said...

I agree with Colin. The healing can be slow and frustrating, but hopefully/probably at some point things just get/feel better quickly.

Buying a new bike is probably great for your mental health ;)

Be well.

Bluenoser said...


One, you have to move. We are made to move so even in recovery we need to move. Keeping the collar on that much may not be helping.

I smashed my shoulder up and the first thing most want is a sling, but the best thing they have learned now is no sling and keep moving.

Two, you have a good partner that cares for you. Don't feel guilty and let her help. It helps BOTH of you recover.


AMR said...

Thanks Will!
Will save the $ and try to join you in one of those beautiful climbs.

Hi -B,
Know where you're coming from, and agree. In 2007, I was cleaned up in a sprint doing 65 km/h, lost lots of skin, nothing broken. Raced (terribly) four days later.
But, with small fractures on my back... Just not sure!!
Many thanks.


Groover said...

Hey Bluenoser, AMR can't take the neck brace off. Are you mad? He'd miss out on all the attention he receives. ;-)

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