Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tapering for a major event

Less than 28 hours for the start of the Sunshine Coast Tour. That is when I, in the past, started to get a bit doubtful on what I should be doing. It is like, everything has been done, what can I do to now? Not much, I guess!

I admit that I get to think of the missed days on the bike, the sessions when I should have gone just a little harder, the supposedly easy rides when I pushed to the limit to stay with the Elite boys, and else.

The literature says I should be tapering, doing some easy rides, some short sprints, some "not much at all", etc... As I am following a program, it is a little easier this time. My schedule says:

Easy, Sprint Accelerations, Easy, VO2 Max, Easy and Race, Race, Race and Race.

I have started those, mainly on the trainer as the weather hasn't been very inviting. I've chosen to look after my health and my weight. Obviously, I don't want to get sick but I would like to start the event a little lighter than last year. I am aiming for the 65.5 kg mark for the 7 km long Hill Climb . That is 1.5 kg lighter.

Back onto the training side of things, here is a concise version of my last 19 (28/1 to 4/6/08) weeks before this event:

Kms Planned: 6345
Kms Ridden: 5902

Hours Planned: 237
Hours Ridden: 216.5

Calories burnt: 75,000

Races: 14
Hours Raced: 9

It is going to be a fun and slightly(maybe very...) painful weekend and I am looking forward to racing, spending time with friends and catching up with people that we only see during this type of events.

The Tour program:

Friday (6:30 pm) - Prologue (2.5 km)

Saturday(10:30 am) - Road Race (64 km)

Sunday (7:00 am) - Hill Climb (8 km)

Sunday (3:45 pm) - Road Race (30 km)

Monday (10:05 am) - Road Race (80 km)

I found this photograph of Sandra taken during the Montville Climb last year:

Photo by Kevin Copallotti


Whitey said...

That photo's back in the day when the Corima's had stickers on them. Well, the back one at least.

Did I mention the insane amount of the emotion called jealousy that I have right about now. You're racing, I'm doing 5hours of exams.

Chris said...

Best of luck with your race. With 28 hours there is nothing to second guess. You are as ready as you are going to get.

Great picture of Groover.

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