Friday, April 18, 2008

Time Trial Efforts

The week is almost gone. Training was different this week as I had to do TT Intervals twice and one Spin Interval session.

For the TT, I chose the Nundah circuit, it is near by and car-free. I started sessions with a 45 and a 60 min ride to warm up (to Sandgate and back) and a couple of laps around the course to make sure it was all clear (we do get parents with young children on the circuit sometimes, best avoid hitting them at 40 km/h). Windy day with cross wind on the straight (15+ knots from the SW, I think) which means you don't get much of a push anywhere in the circuit.

  • 3 x 5km (4 laps + 200 m) with 6 min recovery

I did these with Stephen so it was easy to push hard as we were playing a game of catch me. Except for my front tyre which had about 60 psi...

Av. Speed on best effort: 41 km/h

  • 5 x 6 min with 6 min recovery

By myself this time, much harder without the 45 sec man. Had slower heavier wheels for these ones.

Av. Speed on best effort: 40.1 km/h

There will be no more cycling this week as I am doing a Level 1 Cycling Coach Clinic with Cycling Queensland. Will miss the club race at Lakeside which I was going to use as a test before the Anzac 25 Open event next week. Well, it is going to be another surprise...


Whitey said...

Sounds like a relatively good week AMR. I've got to practice time-trialling, haven't really done anything like it with set distances etc.

Have fun on the weekend at the coaching clinic! Should be interesting learning about it.

Chris said...

The Nundah circuit looks like a good place to have a crit.

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