Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bike Week Criterium - Nundah

HPRW Cycling Club and Bike Queensland have again put a great morning of racing at Nundah. It was all part of Bike Week which started on the 29th March and will end tomorrow with the Mt Coot-tha challenge.

My morning and race were well planned today. With a 9:30 am start, I was able to sleep till 7ish, have a light breakfast, a large latte, organised a "musette", pump the tubulars and leave home around 8:15. It is a 15 min ride to the circuit so I chose a nice stretch of undulating road and spent 30 min going up and down. A few efforts, a little sweat and I was feeling ready for the race.

At Nundah, the Elite guys were going around. There was a break with three riders and a bunch "sitting up" 400 or 500 m back. That's something I think it can make bike racing a little boring sometimes. So, I got my number, spoke to a few people and got out of there, I wanted to stay warm as there was a cool SE wind cutting across the circuit. Bad news!

I raced in B1, a combination of categories forming a 40+ bunch. There was a good number of strong guys and a couple of teams. My club had its team but I wasn't part of it. At the moment, I prefer to race solo as all my main events this year will be contested without a team. Still, I always try to help or get help from a racing friend. Adam is a typical case, everytime he goes I try to go with him, and vice-versa.

The race was pretty interesting, there was a few of us trying to bring the speed up and even try an early break away but the bunch was pretty strong and had no problems bringing us back each time. In one of the atempts, Adam, two other guys and myself even managed to get a considerable gap. The windy condition wasn't helping much.

Half way trough the 45 min + 2 laps race we got the wistle for a prime sprint. I decided to wait for the attack that usually follows it. But nothing... So, up to the front and try to get rid of the sprinters was the next option. That didn't work either as they have team mates doing the work when needed.

2008 Bike Week Criterium, Nundah

My last atempt came in the last lap. I didn't feel particular fast but was hoping that some confusion would be created or the bunch would have a late reaction. Went from the first corner, got a gap, don't ask me by how much, got the speed to 49+ km/h through the Ss and last corner but slowly faded and watched the bunch coming around me with 250 or 300 m to go. The WHOLE bunch.

That is racing!

Time: 47+ min; Dist: 33.5 km; Av. speed: 42.8 Km/h; Max. Speed: 51.4 km/h; Av. HR: 158 and Max. HR:171

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Whitey said...

Sounds like a good race. I was pretty bummed that I couldn't race because of uni this morning. See you in the morning for the trip to Mt Mee

Chris said...

I remember last year I hit the last corner in the lead with 150 meters to go and proceeded to watch 5 people pass me in that stretch. What a crap feeling that was. But oh well.

Good report.

AMRcyclist said...

Chris: I will just keep trying... one day I will get it right and it is going to be sweet!!!

Daniel: Yes, I loved it but can't wait to do some road races and a few climbs...

P.S. Check the photo by Kim Flesser

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