Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday at work, rather be riding!

That's life!

It has been a good week. The weather has been close to perfect with temperatures dropping just a couple of degrees in the mornings. Still, during the days we can ride our bikes without any base layers or arm/leg warmers.

Training has been sort of OK. I finished the training week on Wednesday with a Mixed Effort workout. Not my favourite, I must say. Firstly, I left home just before 5 pm for the ride, a little late when I had to do 50+ kms. It meant taking lights and coming back just before 7. Secondly, those workouts are always frustrating! I can't get my HR high enough (E3) and I end up feeling like if I am not training hard enough, or that this is not the right type of training for me.

Going back a couple of years, when all I did was get on the bike and ride hard somewhere and then harder back home, race as much as possible and not do any recovery rides, I felt better and now wonder if that type of training works better for me. In fact, this type of training is recognised by some trainers as an effective way for some people to stay in race form all year around.

It did work for me, until I got burnt out and started loosing interest. I started a 12 week base training and gym in September 2006, started racing in November through to January and had a short break in February. Back racing in March, I raced over 50 races until September 2007. Then, I had enough. But I had planned a holiday overseas in October so that helped me thinking that it was OK to stop. But in reality, I was tired.

Now, I am doing this specific training program with expectations of peaking at the right time for a chosen event. Until then, it is like: is this working for me, I can't finish a race in top 5. I must admit, I also went up a grade and I am now racing the best Masters (35 +) in the SE Queensland region.

Well, too late to be having those thoughts as we have three weeks before the Tour de Tablelands, one of my main events for 2008.

I had an Easy session on the trainer last night, taking advantage of it by trying out my new shoes. I got a new pair of SIDI 5.5 with carbon soles, which has a different shape plate from my old SIDI, so fixing the cleats to them is a bit of a mission.

I still can't get into the pro look

thing and wear white shoes...

Tomorrow, we will drive to the Sunshine Coast for an Interclub road race with the local club and with the Ipswich riders. I will race A Grade on a hilly course which hopefully will give me a good indication on how my form is...

I will do an Easy ride this afternoon, perhaps have a coffee in town and then get the bike ready for tomorrow. Time to get back to work!


Chris said...

I just read an article on old school training versus current training methods in Cycle Sport America. Most old pros agree that they were constantly overtrained back in the day and agree that the new method of less time on the bike with more focused workouts is better. Who knows. I guess we have to do what we thinks works best of ourselves.

Whitey said...

I really like those shoes, there's no excuse for not winning tomorrow with those bad boys!

AMRcyclist said...

Hey Daniel, Well done on your third place. Sorry, I couldn't stay to hear all about.
The shoes are great, like any new cycling thing we buy. I might have had the straps a little too tight, hence my cramping incident on the last 6 kms. Happy that I made it to the finish, did the lead out down the straight and a team mate won. I am not sure where I came, top 10.

AMRcyclist said...

Hi Chris,
It is a matter of trying different methods to see what works for you as an individual. I remember reading an interview with Basso where he said all he did was get on his bike and ride. As my coach said, we will have to try a few things and then work out a program that works for me. I had a good race today, feeling a little better about the whole thing.
PS> Will look for that article!!

Whitey said...

I think it was Cancellara wearing those shoes in the Paris-Roubaix. They must be good;-)

Yet another thing to add to my list of things to buy next year along with the new bike.

AMRcyclist said...

Perhaps under those over-socks!
Might add one of those to my list..

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