Friday, December 19, 2008

Graphically Speaking

I have read somewhere that readers, in general, dislike blog posts with power graphs. I, naively, wonder if it is the same with heart rate graphs. Perhaps not because most of us are still training with HR monitors and they don't look as incomprehensible as their complex cousins.

Chances are it will be exactly the same, and I won't mind if I get some comments on that, but I chose to take the risk by posting my latest HR graphs. The reason is that they are more than an illustration of my thrilling time on the trainer, they are a good example of how our health can affect our training and performance.

My case is an issue with the symptoms of Hay fever. I have had problems with different types of allergies for as long as I can remember but it has really got worsen since I came to Australia, a couple of decades ago. But I won't go into too many details, I just want to show (graphically) how those symptoms can affect us.

In fact, it does affect people's day to day lives in a very bad way, I am learning. The more I read and the more I talk about it, the more I understand why I feel like crap when it gets to November/December and close to the festive season. I can tell, it is not very festive for me!!!

Anyway, here are the graphs which demonstrate clearly how I finished one week of training well, didn't train for three days and got back just to see my performance dropping. One thing, I don't have on the graphs is cadence. The efforts are all done with a 120-130 rpm cadence, part of my training and attempt to stay fit whilst off the bike.

Wednesday, 10th Dec.
- Feeling good on the trainer for the whole week.

Sunday, 14th Dec.
- After three days off the trainer, due to a worsen of my Hay fever symptoms, it was hard to get back.

Monday, 15th Dec.
- Hay fever keeps affecting me, HR is erratic and up, and legs feel weak.

Tuesday, 16th Dec.
- Feeling crap, low mood, heavy legs again (flat tyre doesn't help). Chose an easier gear.

Wednesday, 17th Dec.
- Getting worse. Struggling here... HR kept going up.

So, I won't get on the trainer for a couple of days.


shane said...

hey AMR,
pretty amazing the human body - its a good thing you are aware of the signs... some people tend to just push on regardless of how they feel.

by the way, I dont mind graphs at all...

AMRcyclist said...

Hi Shane,
It might be time to start doing those RestHR tests first thing in the morning again.
Hope you are well and working on your calendar for 2009.
Have a good one!

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