Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another video - Bettini

This was the weekend I had marked on my calendar with a big A. In fact, it should have been pencilled in with an A+. I say that because the Tour of Bright, which ended today, is more than just a stage race, it is a real challenge not just an intense hour of racing around circles.

Ok, I didn't do it last year because I went overseas and I didn't do it this year because... just because and I am pretty disappointed. From the memories I have of the two consecutive years I raced, this tour is one of the hardest events on the Australian amateur calendar and it has been made even harder with the change from Mt Buffalo to Mt Hotham for the final climbing stage. Something I still have to experience but for now, I will have to wait for Sandra's report.

And no excuses for 2009, I will mark it with an A++.

Still, I did have a great weekend. Once again, and for the last time this year, my son Toby came down for a visit. This time with no training or racing planned, we were able to do things like shopping, eating pizza, cooking and going to the beach. We also spent a lot of time just talking which is something we need to do more often and somehow as he lives else where with his mum.

So, not much on training besides an easy 1 h spin on Friday afternoon. Next session will be tomorrow, hopefully a hard one as the legs are pretty rested and keen for a hard workout.

The Champion

I found this video of now retiring Paolo Bettini and decided to post it here as a tribute to one of the most exciting riders of the last 10 years or so... perhaps the most complete rider of his generation.

Salute, Paolo!


shane said...

what an awesome clip - the man is so strong

AMRcyclist said...

Indeed, pure strength.

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