Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunday blues and the Irish revolution

Another weekend gone!
Not that it felt like it has gone quickly as the popular belief that on weekends the clocks move faster. In fact, it was just right. After a relaxing Saturday, the Sunday shaped up to be pretty much the same. Coffee, breakfast, coffee, newspaper... I think I was suffering from Sunday blues.
Luckily, Sandra got a text from JW inviting us to come around his place and jump in the pool. The weather person had forecasted 29 degrees plus for the whole weekend. I said it was a great idea, as long as I could watch the "Cadel on Tour" doco on TV instead of immersing myself in the pool straight away. The answer was a big "Yes!" as John and Sandra had the same priorities.

We watched the program as if it was all new to us but for John it was different as he was there with his partner, following Cadel's attempt to be the first Australian to win the Tour. So, after the doco we moved to another room where a huge screen displayed another Tour image, this time produced by John and Narelle.

No pool activity was to take place as we looked at dozens of images and heard some nice stories of their adventure following the Tour instead. I didn't mind as I have spent years of my life immersed in water, been in the pool or in the ocean. Sandra and I had a few questions to ask also because we have been talking about doing something like that for a couple of years now.

We headed home for our Sunday lunch and a little dream time. Sandra had organised a ride for the afternoon and I wanting to occupied myself by doing something productive (and trying to find an excuse to watch another cycling program on the TV) got the tools out...

The tools

...and here is the result:

Eight but the final count was twelve

We all know how TV shows tend to inspire us a bit, nothing different here. After talking and watching cycling for 1/3 of the Sunday, I had to get on the bike. On the trainer anyway.

Geared up for a spin downstairs

Just an easy spin

Time: 1:16; dist: 26.2 imaginary km; AvHR: 89 bpm; MaxHR: 107 bpm

An Irish Revolution

I found these two lads on the Net somewhere and decided to see what they were really up to. It happened to be an amazing exploit of riding a bike for 16 months around the globe. And for two great causes as well. People like that really deserves our support, I reckon!

Click here for the Irish Revolution.

I really admire people that set up to do things like that and sometimes wonder if I could put myself through such an epic venture. All the planning (not my forte) and organising, seeking finance, all the hardship and lets not forget the thousands of km on the saddle... It would be so much bigger than winning the local crit or the state championship. These guys really love cycling!!!


Groover said...

I'm such a lucky woman! :-)

Chris said...

I never patch tubes, but I may start. They are getting more expensive as the price of rubber goes up.

AMRcyclist said...

Hi Chris,
Yeah, it is a labour of love. Not! But I find it fairly therapeutical and rewarding. I am simple... I just deslike creating more waste than I already do. Don't you hate seeing tubes left on side of the road by people that can't even bother putting them in the trash??
Interesting day for the USA... Good luck with the new President!!!

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