Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blog Statistics / Cycling in Rio de Janeiro (2)

Blog Stats

Thursday morning, a rain-wet morning in Brisbane. Sitting at home, waiting for my parents to contact me via Messenger, I find no better time to get on the Net and do a bit of surfing. I wonder if the term surfing the net is still in use. Things change so fast.

One thing I do on the Net is to check AMRcycling stats. It gives me a good idea of what is happening with the blog in terms of numbers and traffic and at the moment, it is looking great. According to Google Statistics, the numbers have grown by 95% this month. It sounds incredible, doesn't it? And it's not that the visitor's
count went from seven people visiting the site to 13.65 ... The number of Unique Visitors reached a total of 2,315 since March.

This month so far, AMRCycling was visited 897 times with 583 of the visitors been Returning Visitors. Another positive piece of information is the Average Time on the blog, which is now 2'56". It is nice to know that visitors are reading the posts and coming back.

Cycling in Rio - video

As this post is #100, it is the perfect time to send out a quick Thank You! to all visitors, from Toowoomba to Bogota, from Sarpsborg to Cape Town, and as this blog is about anything cycling, to share this video that I found in one of my favourite cycling blogs, Copenhagen Cycle Chick. It was produced by a car insurance company, of all businesses, in Rio de Janeiro . It is advertising but it promotes cycling, telling me that things do change and a lot of times for the better.


Keep in touch and Safe Riding!

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