Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday it is... ahead, another weekend off the bike.

Friday already, the week went quickly. A few months ago, it would be like: - Yes! I don't have to work Saturday morning, I can race at Nundah!!! But no, I won't be racing this one either, in fact, I might not even get on the bike as the shoulder is still giving me grief.

The good news is that I did get on the trainer this morning after a couple of days off as a flu kept me out of action for a couple of days. Action? Did I say action? I even had a book with me...

I try to listen to the radio while on the trainer but the local stations are really bad. For every song they play there are five minutes of stupid jokes or somebody calling to tell what was the most interesting thing they found in something they were eating... Who cares???

Back to the weekend, there is a great event happening on Sunday, The Sol Rainbow Ride . The 120 km race starts in Byron Bay (NSW) and finishes in Currumbin, Queensland, passing through some beautiful areas and with a couple of really good climbs on the way. How good will that be?

I will have to wait for next year. In a better note, Sandra is racing and I get to be her DS. That is what she says, I see myself as being the driver/water man. I am looking forward to that.

Getting tubed

This week, I also finished fixing the tubes that I had sitting here for ages. The final result was 9 out of twelve. Not too bad, I think!

II. Testing Phase

III. Packaging Phase

A dish to remember
The other nice thing this week was deciding to cook some Brazilian food for Sandra (and myself). After watching a cooking show on SBS, I went to their web site and chose a seafood dish. My mother had cooked the same dish for us during our visit to Rio - Moqueca de Peixe. Very simple to make and very delicious.


Chris said...

That food looks great.

When you were DS for Sandra did you have a megaphone sticking out the window screaming FASTER FASTER FASTER? :)

I hope your shoulder is back to normal soon.

AMRcyclist said...

Hi Chris,

Yeah... but not as good as mum's. They never are!

I might invest on some kind of gadget to help... No, it might become an official job and I am not ready to retire yet.

Shoulder getting better, thanks, MRI in a couple of weeks.


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