Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Tour the France

All right, I wasn't going to watch the Tour stages live on tv and planned to get back on the bike and start training in a very serious way. Then, a range of circumstances changed all that... The mornings got cold again, there was a bit of rain, days off work, I didn't received my new program. There was a couple of nice bottles of red brought home by Sandra... And there was the Tour de France. Conclusion: I have watched all but one stage and only watched the last fifteen min of the ITT. Can't watch time trials.

As my own cycling has been put aside for a while, writing some of my views on the Tour would be the obvious thing to do for this blog. But having found so many articles, forums, blogs etc. I decided to post some of my favourite images only. They are the images that show the final seconds of some very intense finishes. Images which represent all the work these riders put into their cycling, all the commitment and their passion.

Valverde's killer attack and Kirchen's determination

Kirchen again and this time under the eyes of Tour veteran Zabel

The enormous effort that payed off

Everything on that lonely ride

All that power and from a long way back

The ultimate climber

What can I say?

Zabel knows where he stands now

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Chris said...

Ricco and Cavendish are just killing it. I dig Ricco and the way he rides. Cavendish is just plain faster than everyone. You don't really get the feel for how much faster until they show the aerial footage of the sprint.

AMRcyclist said...

Ricco and Cavendish = Pure Talent
Voigt and Cancellara = Pure Dedication
Cunego and Zabel = Pure Determination
Remy Di Gregorio = The Future
Just to mention a few...

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