Monday, December 26, 2011

Ride everyday

Beautiful day, perfect to be riding. Yet, I had to wait for my short commute to work.

It is a thirty-minute ride, which I first started doing over six and a half years ago. I did it regularly for around three years, after that it became very infrequently. The damaged commuter never got rebuilt. And having to get up earlier to get ready and arrive at work on time or having to wind down for 45 minutes before going to bed after a late ride home was affecting my training.

I was getting too tired and I needed to find a balance.

But I still commute and every time I do it I feel great and I think: Why don't I do this everyday?

As we approach the new year, and as much as it might look like a trivial calendar swap, most of us will start thinking on the changes that we would like to make to improve our lives (and the lives of others, when we can). Just this process can be invigorating.

Well, I am planning to simply ride everyday. You?

Photos of my commute.


Nils and Anke said...

That's actually a very good New Years resolution! Hope it will work out for you. As you know for me to commute every day is a no go, but my plan is to take the bike with me and integrate my training after work. I will kill two birds with one stone, cause when I'm back and drive home, the rush hour would be over!

AMR said...

It is going to be a good year for cycling!!
Your plan sounds good. You can also do all the hills with Nils on your days off... Have a great 2012, both of you!!

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