Friday, December 30, 2011

New PB... but just a commute


I suppose leaving the house 20 minutes late, at 4:35 am, helped. I didn't go all out at any stage of the ride. In fact, I was too relaxed at the start as I rolled down the first hill and towards the magnificent sunrise. Work didn't matter for those first minutes...

Having a little computer spitting out numbers as you ride helps. This morning, as I approached the 2 km mark I saw 23 min something on the display. Instantly, I heard a little voice: "You can make it!"

"I bet I can!" I replyed, keeping a steady pace.

It was a steady ride. A nice ride to work.

Time: 24:57.59
Dist.: 13.5 km
Av HR: 152 bpm
Av Cad.: 83 rpm


Dee said...

I went for a slow ride with some better riders, and my endomondo awarded me a PB over 20kms. Doh. I really need to do more bunch rides i guess, they do make me lift my game.

Have a safe and happy New Year!

AMR said...

Endomondo... learning something new everyday.
Lots of riding and a Happy New Year, Dee.

Faizel said...

Leaving at 4.15 is damn early. My commute ride leaves at 5.30. I will remember you come winter and o think I an the only crazy out there. Happy new year.

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