Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A curse and a blessing

I am back.

Many weeks have passed since I last added something to this 3 year old blog. Not a good thing, especially when I get folks (only two or three as a matter of fact) asking me when I am going to write again. Now, here is my theory for this long timeout. Esoteric as it might sound, I have cursed myself when I changed the header, describing it as cycling life.

After I did it, I started rethinking and I realised I didn't really live a cycling life. When I looked around I saw people riding to work everyday, I thought about people touring around countries, and even around the world on their bikes. I read about people building their own bikes and of course I thought of the pros riding and racing bikes full time. Lots of things people did to live a cycling life. I didn't do any of that so how could I be part of that? And how could I write about a cycling life?

Maybe in a near future but for now I am back to write about training and racing because it's what I do.

During the timeout I got to focus on my training again and I started to concentrate on making my body healthier (fixing a few parts) to cope with the training and to maximise my performance this season (expect to read about massage therapies, nutrition and Yoga on this blog, all big parts in this process).

I also made an equipment upgrade by fitting (I did myself!!) a new drivetrain to my bike. I thought it was a better idea than buying a new bike or a training bike because I already have one of the best racing bikes and what I really needed was a commuter, not a training bike. The interesting thing is, the drivetrain came with a power meter attached to it...

So, training will be changing quite a bit in the near future. And so will be the racing, I hope. At the moment, I am just collecting data for it.

The last ten weeks of training have been good. I didn't do massive hours on the bike (112h/3159.5km) and I didn't do too many high intensity sessions. The main reason being the need for a slow build for the road races later in the season and being fresh for them.

Talking races now, I also had to change my race plans for this year due to not been selected to race the State's Teams Series. Madly perhaps, I made a last minute decision and entered a race that I have been dreaming to do for years now - The Mt Baw Baw Classic.

That's where the blessing occurred. Not quite prepared for it and suffering from a mild head-cold but with great support from Sandra, I lined up for, according to some, the race with the toughest climb in Australia (Badden Cook called it "... pretty rude.").

And I am so glad I did as I ended up exceeding my expectations of just making to the top by placing in the top 5 in the Masters 4+ division. The climb? I felt pretty ugly on the bike as I climbed the last 5 km... I will leave it like that but Sandra has put a brilliant DS's report as she followed me all the way to the top.

Next, the Battle on the Border, a great event in the beautiful Northern NSW hinterlands. Like last year's, I am not expecting big results but hoping to be a good domestique for the team.

Back soon and safe riding!


Nils and Anke said...

Good to see you're back. Both, on the bike and with your blog!

AMR said...

Thanks N&A. Your comment is really appreciated. Happy to start the road racing season! See you soon!

Will said...

Just write about what you enjoy - and do it for yourself and Sandra. If blogging is a chore you won't do it.

I enjoyed the Baw Baw details and huge congrats n your result!

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