Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sometimes, things need to change... for the Battle on the Border

This week I almost hit that button. First, when I realised that the Battle on the Border is only three weeks away, and again, when I became fully aware that I am nowhere near the condition I would like to be to face an event like this one.

From what I have heard, this will be a tough event. With races like the Terrible Time Trial and the Epic Road Race, one can only imagine how much fun the organisers might have had when choosing the courses. In saying that, there have been a lot of requests from the local racing community for tougher, hillier races.

Looking at a couple of the profiles, I think we got them...

The Mooball Loop

The Epic Road Race Loop

But, as it is also about getting out there with friends and family and having lots of fun, the organisers, QSM Sports, have put together extra events that will give non-competitive cyclists a chance to get out on the road and be part of what might even become one of the major events in the Australian cycling calendar.

Let's spread the word!

This year, I was aiming for 5000 km of base training but only managed to do a little over 4000 km in 13 weeks, which doesn't sound too bad considering the days off the bike due to
injury, sickness or bad weather.

So, three weeks before the race and I am still doing base training! Not any more! The race at Mt Cotton and two good rides over the Easter holiday have shown that it is time to get some intensity training happening with the aim of getting the body ready for racing.

Riding on old training grounds, Clear Mountain and Bunya Road, is an effective way to determine my strengths and weaknesses before completing the crash training program, as I will call this next phase on the bike. It is also a good time to start preparing my mind by trying to visualise some of the situations I might come across during the races, the painful moments.

Clear Mt, Bunya Rd and Mailmans Track (1170 m)
...and rollers 

As a result, I am adding more intensity to my program, obviously, increasing the time on the bike only slightly and riding in areas which have similar profiles to the area I will be racing on in three weeks. So, hills, hills and hills. That sounds very simplistic and it is. That's an approach to training that has worked for me, I hope it does work this time again.

Time to get lots of rest, eat well and ride the bike.

Week Thirteen (Base):
Time: 12 h 12 min
Dist.: 333 km

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jaman said...

Be prepared, the Moobal loop is tough!
Doing it 3 times is going to hurt!
Best of luck mate!

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