Friday, April 2, 2010

It is Easter afterall...

Sometimes I get home from work and find myself really unmotivated to get on the bike. It is just easier to sit in front of the computer and check e-mails, surf the net or re-adjust the training program so I don't actually have to get on the bike.

Yesterday afternoon was a bit like that but I knew I had to get out so the first thing I did was to make some coffee - a strong coffee. I then borrowed Sandra's wheel, got the bike ready and got dressed. I turned the computer on and checked my e-mails. Next, I started surfing the net...

I went to the usual sites before starting a search for something that would motivate me to get on the bike. Normally, watching a couple of cycling videos does the job. I typed on the browser and then searched for gorilla commercial. Don't ask me why.

An old Cadbury chocolate commercial popped up at the top of the list. I clicked play and watched the video of the gorilla-dressed actor playing the drums. It was so well put together. I turned the volume up and watched again. It was brilliant, a not often found well produced and creative advertising piece. I watched it again.

That was, somehow, inspirational enough to get me going and on the bike. But how could I place the video of a gorilla playing drums on a cycling blog?

The best reason I could come up with was that it is Easter and the commercial was for a chocolate maker which is what we are supposed to give, receive and indulge on this weekend. So here it is:

And my 2.5 hour ride on Wynn Road, Clear Mountain, Bunya Road, Mailman's and Jinker Track was... well, heavenly.

Hope to see you out there, have a great weekend!!

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