Monday, February 8, 2010

It's raining out there... Get on the trainer!

I don't mind being caught in the rain when riding, especially if it's a warm day. It can be refreshing and brings memories of my youth, when riding in the rain was more fun than in dry weather. What I find impossible to do is to get out on the bike when it is raining already.

Luckily, we have trainers (wind trainers for some) and rollers for rainy days like yesterday. And to make it easier to use them, we have an old bike (Sandra's first racing bike) permanently set up in the garage.

At 6 PM, with 2.5 hours low intensity session scheduled for the day, I had little hope of completing my program for the week unless I jumped on the trainer. So, with a magazine in hand, a water bottle, radio and the mobile, I headed to the garage determined to do at least 2 hours. I had to be realistic about it!

A couple of phone calls, a text message, Triple J, a couple of articles in the magazine, a few pedalling exercises and I managed to reach 2:00:00... And I was out of there. Soaked in sweat and happy to have done it, I could now have a shower, a light dinner and go to bed to start my recovery from the training week that just ended.

Trainers are great!

Week Five (Base):
Time: 15 h 36 min
Dist.: 405 Km

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