Saturday, January 23, 2010

Riding with a Pro (1)

I am not one to get out of my way or get too excited to see sport celebrities, or any kind of celebrities. In fact, one of the things that do bother me is seeing news footage of people waiting for celebrities to get out of a car and then scream and faint as they walk the red carpet to enter some "let's promote ourselves a bit more" kind of award night.

Pretty much my thoughts when I learned that more than 6,000 people went for a ride with Lance Armstrong one morning, in Adelaide. Why would we do that? Is it going to make us thinner, better GC riders, or better human beings? Or we will be able to tell our grand children, When I rode my bicycle with Lance...

We couldn't have. A very few would have been lucky just getting a glance of the cycling star that morning. What the event might have done was make Twitter an even more popular modern communication tool, reinforced later in the news, with a well known journalist finishing his segment with "... it is the power of the Twitter!

So, Power and Twitter in the same sentence. Bizarre, I reckon! But let’s face it, how many more people did start an account with after riding with Lance? And how much did Lance Armstrong get paid to organise and show up for the ride that morning?

All for good causes, I imagine.


jaman said...

I rode with Alberrto once!
Now he is a star!

AMR said...

It must have been the Contador bloke you rode with...

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