Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last Sunday, the Adelaide Hills and the TDU

Last Sunday was marked with a great ride with the QSM riders. We had planned to meet in town and then head to Adelaide Hills. That meant a climb, rolling hills, fast descents, a second climb, another great descent and a fast pace ride back to the city. Perfect thing to do before coffee(s) and the start of the last race of the TDU!

I am not sure how many kilometres we rode or the average speed, I know it was a great ride with some good and interesting people who love cycling, in any form. And in a very beautiful part of the country, a bit of a cycling paradise, really!

The usual coffee and chat before heading off to the start of the race. Adelaide offers so many options that it would take weeks to find the best coffee around. We settled for an Italian cafe on Hutt St and didn't leave disappointed...

After leaving the group, I rode to the race where I met a few friends. Some playing the tourist type and some working.

Others, just rode past as if going to another club race.

I ended up heading back to my mate Phil's place to watch the race on a big screen and have a couple of Dr Timm's. Fairly civilised, I thought.

So, that was my TDU trip this year. Short and sweet!


Dee said...

It looks awesome. I really want to get down there next year, Dog willing. It will give be motivation to conquer my fear of the hills. I am nearly in the mindspace after walking one of them today.

Nice to see you back on the bike!!

Anonymous said...

Great posts of your journey AMR. Thanks for sharing.

AMR said...

Hi Dee and Miff,

The TDU is great for watching some great racing and see riders up close if you wish... and Adelaide is a great place for riding and to savour the local produce and wine.
See you there next year!!


Eric said...

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AMR said...

Thanks, Eric!

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