Sunday, August 10, 2008

Great Wall of China, Great Races in China

Some great cycling in Beijing.

Men's Race - 245 km

In the men's race, the smartness of the Spanish rider, Samuel Sanches, was a clear factor on the order they crossed the line. In my view, Andy Schleck deserved a medal for all his efforts in the breakaway. Unfortunately, racing can be like like that and often those efforts don't pay off. Much like the category I race, coming fourth doesn't mean a lot either.

In a brighter note for Team CSC-Saxon Bank, and Switzerland, Fabian Cancellara showed us again what a strong rider he is. I told the guys at work, where I watched the race (I must say, they looked after me and let me watch the whole race!?!?), that he could win the race with a huge effort in the last 2 km, as he's done in the past. And off he went...

But he made one mistake, I think. He slowed down and looked back when he went pass Rogers and Kolobnev. He was going so fast that he could have gone straight pass them and possibly straight pass the first group again, had he kept going. Perhaps the climb ahead put some doubts in his head, if he knows what that is... Super effort, deserved the medal!!!

Fabian's bronzed legs

Then, this photo, worth much more than one thousand words...

Sanches smiles as he sees the Gold line ahead

The results:

1 Samuel Sánchez (Spain) 6.23.49 (38.362 km/h)

2 Davide Rebellin (Italy)

3 Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland)

4 Alexandr Kolobnev (Russian Federation)

5 Andy Schleck (Luxembourg)

6 Michael Rogers (Australia)

Women's Race - 126.4 km

I was hoping to see Oenone Wood on the podium this year but it wasn't to be. I don't know how the race developed as I couldn't watch it, there was an important AFL game going one somewhere in Australia. Fair enough!

Later, an emotional Sandra described the finish as a powerful and inspiring display of determination by Nicole Cook, as the Welshwoman never gave up and crossed the line ahead in a sprint finish with Guderzo and Johansson.

Saddly, I haven't even been able to watch a replay of the finish as there was no Australian riders in the leading group... That's the way it is! But I found this photograph of the Welsh powerhouse as she approached the line. It shows the moment she realised she had won the race. And what a Champion she is...

Cook screams as she sprints for Gold

The results:

1 Nicole Cooke (Great Britain) 3.32.24 (35.706km/h)

2 Emma Johansson (Sweden)

3 Tatiana Guderzo (Italy)

Next, we will have the ITT races, promising to be equally exciting by all means. My question: can Fabian Cancellara get the Gold Medal? I think he can.

I can't wait!!!!


Groover said...

A heroic ride of Nicole Cooke in atrocious conditions. What an inspriration! She is such a fighter! Lost the wheel and a few bike lengths in this last corner and I thought she was gone. She never gave up. Here's something to learn from for sure.

Chris said...

Both races had great finishes. Fabian was impressive and I think you are right. Waiting for those two riders did nothing for him. He should have went right past.

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